Henning Iljero-Winnberg - vocals, keys, drum programming, acoustic guitars
Robert Säll - guitars
Christopher Anderzon - bass
Henrik Ståhlberg - drums, percussion


Conversations with an AI Robot

Conversations with an AI Robot

Written, mixed and produced by Henning Iljero-Winnberg

Arrengments by PyraKite

Special Features: 

Dotty Blue - Vocals

Patrik Nordström - Strange electronic rhythms and vocal effects

Mastered by: Roger Krieg


7 Steps

7 Steps

Written, mixed and produced by Henning Iljero-Winnberg.

Arrangements by PyraKite except horn arrangement on 'Go High' by Andreas Kjäll

Additional musicians:

Gustaf Saxvall - guitars

Jonas Knutsson - alto sax solo

 Thomas Alm - alto saxophone

Per Ekström - trumpet

Anders Hammar - trumpet 

Lasse Jonsson - trombone

Erika Iljero-Winnberg - backing vocals

Kristina Axelsson - backing vocals

 Mastered by: Roger Krieg


Popcorn Brain (Remix)
Beauty Queen
Go High
Patagonian Hills (Remix)
Beauty Queen (Remix)