PyraKite 7 Steps

PyraKite - The strangest little band in town

PyraKite is a band that gives you a poetic and mystical journey through the classic rock and pop genre. 7 Steps is a concept album, which means that it's best experienced from start 'til end. The story of 7 steps (with it's 7 tracks) has got just as many layers to it as you wish. Hopefully the journey is both mine and yours

PyraKite is:

Henning Iljero-Winnberg - vocals, keys
Robert Säll - guitars
Christopher Anderzon- bass
Henrik Ståhlberg - drums, percussion

Written, mixed and produced by Henning. 

Arrangements by the band except horn arrangement on 'Go High' by Andreas Kjäll

Additional musicians:

Gustaf Saxvall - guitars

Jonas Knutsson - alto sax solo 

 Thomas Alm - alto saxophone 

Per Ekström - trumpet 

Anders Hammar - trumpet 

Lasse Jonsson - trombone 

Erika Iljero-Winnberg - backing vocals

Kristina Axelsson - backing vocals

 Mastered by: Roger Krieg